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"Not only did Salomi of Have Feet, Must Travel make our Bali honeymoon exciting with the explanations before we embarked on the journey, but also made our trip as easy as it could get. She did not tell us where to go and what to do/eat, but jotted out a list with explanations suited to our adventurous spirit.  

The resorts were very well researched and the recommendations immaculate. 
Since we did not have a lot of whiling away time, research and explanations were important. HFMT patiently explained how the places would look and seem if were were already walking in there, and Ola!!! that was the biggest help we could ever get. Where to shop, how to negotiate and what not to buy (since it is already available back home) were very good tips. Cheers to HFMT and will hundred percent refer them to anyone who want a good consult."

- Abijith Barthur & Mukta  Mahajan

   Travelled to Bali in Feb 2013.

"Have Feet, Must Travel arranged a homestay for us in Dalhousie as a part of our trip to Himachal Pradesh with a group of friends. The 150 year old mansion was at the edge of the cliff and overlooked the valley – the prettiest site to wake up to!"

- Isha Shah Kapoor

  Travelled to North India in 2012.


"My trip to US west coast has been my best travel experience 

filled with exciting moments, me & my friend share the sweetest memories and time spent together during this trip.

Thank you HFMT for planning the perfect places for us to experience and share that excitement—through pictures, words and thrilling stories- with our family & friends. I am sure everybody has a story to tell, experience to share and I am very positive that HFMT will bring more & more amazing experiences and will generate plenty of good stories. I wish you all the very best."

- Dr. Kiran Gupta

   Travelled to US West Coast in 2012.

"Your recommendations were spot on and it really helped me make most of my quick 2 day trip to Austria from Munich. So one day I was gaping in awe at the stunning crystal exhibits at the Swarovski Museum near Innsbruk, while the next day I time travelled to the beautiful city of Salzburg to the echoes of the Sound of Music!"

- Dr. Kshiteesh Kirtikar

   Travelled to Germany & Austria in 2011.

"We loved it! Thanks a lot for suggesting the Phi Phi Islands/ Maya Bay Trip and fitting it around our really crowded and hectic schedule. One of those things that just take your breath away.            We would absolutely love to go back there."

- Irshad Daftari & Neeti Babu

   Travelled to Thailand in 2012.