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Have Feet, Must Travel is run by Salomi Pakvasa Shah and her husband Amit Shah, 2 travel buffs who have been travelling extensively across the globe since many years, covering over 30 countries between the two of them.


Salomi Pakvasa Shah

“Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by the allure of travelling and exploring other cultures. As a child, we travelled on family vacations twice a year within India and through my teenage years, we were off visiting exotic locations such as the wild Safaris of East Africa and breath taking Cruises in Alaska.


This gave me the confidence to start travelling all by myself and my first solo trip was across Germany and Austria as a backpacker. But what really inspired me to get into the travel business was a 2 month road trip with a couple of Austrian friends along the US west coast in 2008.  Planning out the entire trip months in advance, studying maps, working out the budget, all this gave me a thrill like never before. This trip has been one of my most memorable ones till date. 


Through the years, I have always been on the lookout for the next holiday, and would spend weeks planning holidays and honeymoons for friends, tweaking their itineraries. With the support and encouragement of my family and friends, I finally founded my own Travel Consultant Company - Have Feet, Must Travel with my best friend and husband Amit Shah."


Amit Shah

"I strongly feel that every trip should invoke a sense of freedom and adventure within you. Your travels and vacations may only last a week or two, but as individuals we tend to dream about the possibilities all year long. 

There’s so much more to travelling than visiting the usual hot spots. It’s about experiencing the local culture, discovering gastronomical delights, going off the beaten path and teetering into the unknown.


What makes our holidays special is the inside knowledge that we provide based on our own personal experiences. We won't be packing you off to places in a herd nor force down our pre planned itineraries down your throats."


Your dream holiday is no longer a dream any more, so what are you waiting for?



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